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It Is Christmas Soon, Right?

Dec. 9th, 2009 | 06:53 pm

Having a bit of difficulty selling my stuff on trademe =\

You' d think people would be bidding like crazy on the Twilight books... So many people have added them to their watchlists... Maybe they're waiting for the last minute to bid. I really really hope so because boy do I need the money. Like you wouldn't believe.

I think that if I make a "geeky" website aimed at females, they'll most likely be females from New Zealand... I've noticed just how great a presence NZ girls are on the Internet now, even in blogging! I'm currently addicted to posting on the NZGirl Forum - you'll find girls there that you wouldn't think would ever go to a website like NZGirl ever because the content on that website is just kinda sad, and just the same old same old really.

Woke up 3:30 this morning and couldn't sleep so I switched on the lappy and started re-teaching myself HTML - it was fun!! I actually learnt quite a lot and understood what nbsp in "&nbsp" means (non-breaking space). It's a code used to make spaces in HTML because if you were to hit the space bar two or three times, the web browser would only recognize one space being made which is weird but that's computing I guess. Soon I hope to get up to scratch with JavaScript and CSS. Hehe I can feel the excitement rising in me. I'm that lame ;)

Just to add a bit of colour to my blog again... Here is a plate I painted at a place called "Create A Plate" over in Tauranga about 4 years ago.. We went there for my friend's 15th birthday. Sooo much fun! I'd like to go back there again =)

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a pocket full of sighs

Dec. 8th, 2009 | 01:00 pm
mood: happy happy

That pretty flowy dress I bought??

It is THE most beautiful dress ever.

And I look terrible in it =( I can't even fill it out properly, that's how flat chested I am =\

Soooo it's up for sale! If you're a NZer or know a NZer or just want to have a look, check out my auction here. Going to sell some other clothes, books, DVDs and CDs too. Really desperate for some cash. Plus I won't have much stuff clogging up my bedroom =)

It's Christmas in 17 days! That's exciting.

Went to the library at uni and issued out all these awesome books on web design =) More useful than searching up web design tips on Google, which is quite ironic. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw all these web design books! Felt like Xmas day! I'm going to devour the six books I issued out and then go get some more before the library closes for the holidays next week.

And I installed this awesome graphic design programme called Inkscape. It's pretty comparable to programs like Adobe PhotoShop and Corel PhotoPaint... Pretty easy to use though. And the best part? It's absolutely, 100% FREE! Talk about amazing! I also have GIMP on my laptop, but to be honest, I'm not too big a fan of that programme; it kind of confuses me, especially when it comes to layers and selections... And like I've said earlier, I really can't afford any of the Adobe suite products or even the Corel ones like Paint Shop Pro... Maybe in the distant future, but definitely not right now.

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Progress So Far

Dec. 6th, 2009 | 10:05 pm
mood: creative

Last night I suddenly felt compelled to start designing a logo for my site... Not too keen about it though, so I won't bother posting it on here :P Just stay tuned ;)

Got lotsa content ideas too! I've decided to make it a website based on "geekiness" - but it's not fully geeky! I'm going to have lots of computing tutorials and tips and hints for stuff like learning C#, HTML, CSS, blogging, webdesign, MS Office 2007, as well as reviews for books, websites, films, music, an "Educate" area with study tips but also general learning like improving problem solving skills, concentration, time management, plus lots more but I don't want to give it all away :)

Just hopefully I can keep up the momentum to get all the ideas out of my head, and get some really cool content up ready for girls sick of mainstream female publications :) I mean I love fashion, don't get me wrong but sometimes I'm sick of seeing articles about dollying up, trying to impress guys and the use of words and acronyms like "ish" (means "issue"?), and "OMG". And if you're a Twilight fan (aka a "twihard" or "twerd") then of course you'll know all about the whole "OMJ / OME" thing going on. What kind of English is that? It's ridiculous. I have a brain you know? And I quite enjoy using it believe it or not.

I start back at uni in 3ish weeks for summer school! I can't wait - I'm all pumped up for it now! Summer school is quite intense because you're studying for a paper that would usually take 12 weeks to study in only 6 weeks... I'm taking a computer paper, which is a continuation of all the C# I learnt this semester that just ended. Then once I pass this paper, I can take all 2nd year computer science papers and get on with some real stuff. ;)

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Too little time, so much to do.

Dec. 5th, 2009 | 10:43 pm

Had a good email exchange with an old friend, living over in Perth, Australia. It was so nice hearing from her. But uh-oh she's persuaded me to visit her in Perth next year, in about July (that's when I'm on break from uni)... Flights from New Zealand to Perth one way are around $500... Ouch. So I'm looking at saving at least $1600 by July next year.

So since last night I've been really really brainstorming, thinking "how the heck can I save $1600 in 6 months?"

Time to get my creativity cap on.

In more good news, I also got back in touch with another old friend that I kinda had a grudge against for no reason... I just probably expected way, way too much. But I told her how I've gone through this incredible low for the last few months and she totally understood :) So I will try and catch up with her again in the new year... Not sure if our friendship will ever be the same again but time will tell.

Instead of just simply thinking about my whole website project idea, I figured I should just start doing something productive for it - so I started planning layout designs in MS Paint. I <3 Paint - it's the easiest programme in the world to use! They're nothing great, but they've got me motivated to really get working, and hopefully have something launched by the end of January, providing I find the courage to hand over some cash in exchange for a domain and decent web hosting =)

I want to find a really fun computer game to play. I remember those days when my sister and I would spend hours on end playing Age of Empires. Totally loved using the cheats - we'd get such a kick out of seeing our stockpiles of gold go into the thousands =P And making those cool car things that could gain you victory in minutes... Although those kinda ruined the whole strategic point of the game but whatever. Ahhh those were the days...

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My Latest Project

Dec. 3rd, 2009 | 07:28 pm

Yesterday I had the brilliant idea to make jewellery out of papier mache beads... I started making the beads this afternoon... And then later on, I was searching up papier mache beads on the Internet and no one had a method of making them like mine... No wonder mine look kinda asymmetrical... Hmmm. Oh well, hopefully they'll look super cool once they're painted and what not.

Planning on doing a late night tonight making beads, once I get home from work =) I'm quite excited. Not really into the whole sleeping thing these days. And I'm definitely not a clubber/party animal. =)

Half an hour to go... In half an hour I will finish my final evening shift at my job. Yay!!

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Want to play a guessing game?

Dec. 2nd, 2009 | 03:29 pm

Today I made a bag (as you do). Took about a couple of hours I think... I was too distracted by the radio to notice how long I was sitting on the floor numb and injuring myself with a silly needle. On The Edge radio station (a pretty awesome NZ radio stations if you ask me), they're having this thing where listeners get to vote for the top artist of the decade, seeing as a decade is almost over... Freaky stuff. Only seems like yesterday when I was rolling down hills and climbing trees.

I can feel a wave of nostalgia overcoming me.

Apparently, there's a good chance Pink will win by the looks of things. I reckon Red Hot Chili Peppers and Coldplay have a good chance too. It's weird though because even though it's only been 9 years, music has changed so much (not necessarily for the better though...). I wonder what music will be like in another 10 years time? Kind of a scary thought.

Anyway here's a picture of the bag I made today...

And you'd never guess what the bag used to be... an UMBRELLA! It may have been the prettiest umbrella around but it was pretty much crap. I might as well have just walked out in the rain without an umbrella. So now it's being put to good use. Here's hoping my hand stitching is decent enough to hold the bag together now =)

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Won't you look at that? It's a never ending to-do list

Dec. 1st, 2009 | 10:19 am

(1) Relearn HTML and CSS... Shouldn't take too much; I've got an excellent head for coding (I think...)
(2) Start writing some actual (original and interesting) web content .
(3) Brainstorm short story ideas for a short story contest.
(4) Go to the bank to sort out my debt payments. I could really curse the government right about now...
(5) Start saving up for a digital camera
(6) Sort out where to get a good domain and web-host.
(7) Brainstorm logo designs...
(8) Brainstorm layout designs...
(9) Start studying up on more advanced C# programming to prepare for summer school.
(10) Pump up my car tyres.
(11) Get a warrant of fitness for my car.
(12) Check up on my cafe in Cafe World (the main reason I go on Facebook... It's not the greatest game, but it's still fun).
(13) Sort out next year's student allowance before xmas.
(14) Search for free forums/message boards I could have on my website.

etc etc.

It's slowly sinking in how much work will be going into this website... Does anyone have good suggestions for (paid) web-hosting and domains?

I wish I wasn't so sucky at using Adobe Flash... Maybe I could make a fun game or something. Maybe if I saved up for my own personal copy, I could eventually be a pro at it... But unfortunately it just costs too much and my after-hours access to the computer labs at uni expired a month ago and I can't renew it till I start summer school in January (how odd it must be for people in the Northern Hemisphere to see the words "summer" and "January" in the same sentence!)

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I shall dub today the beginning of a dream...

Nov. 30th, 2009 | 10:21 pm
mood: energetic energetic

... a very intense dream I have to say =)

Let's cut to the chase then... I'm Korii! I'm a 19 year old chick, whose story is not unique... I'm pretty much a recession victim too... (And then I end up buying two dresses off Trademe... Go figure. If it's any consolation, they're really pretty!)

This blog will be my number one companion on the journey to create (and actually complete) a rather epic project: a website for "kooky" girls. Kooky meaning something along the lines of quirky, unusual, unique etc.
Now I'm not entirely sure what a site for "kooky" girls should contain, so I figured that maybe some others out there may care to enlighten me :)
Pretty much this website will be designed for girls who lock themselves in their rooms writing poetry till four in the morning; for girls who prefer being tucked up in their beds with a good book instead of partying up; for girls who sew their own clothing; for girls who steer clear of Top 20 music (something I am trying to aim towards); for girls who love learning and reading random things but doesn't see them as random at all; for the girl who dreams big; for the girl who feels like there's no one else who could ever understand her...
Pretty much for girls like me :)
Because quite frankly I'm sick of seeing shallow online girl mags... I want a bit of substance you know? A bit of culture, a bit of nature-ness. Is that too much to ask for?
So I figured I'll deal with this problem myself.
I am worried though that maybe I'll have too wide a variety of content. Like I really want computing tutorials (e.g. Visual Studio tuts, GIMP tuts, MS Paint tuts), but then stuff about fashion, makeup, DIY... pretty much every topic that can be written about... What do you think?

Anyway on to more personal things...

This is one of the dresses I won off Trademe for only $27! What a steal! It's from Portmans - a really awesome store. I've always wanted a dress from there but they are quite pricey. I can't wait to wear this out this summer!
And this is dress number two, which I won for $19.50... Woopee! My summer dreams of wearing pretty dresses has come true!

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